HOTP Token expiring before the specified time in Validity length

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    I have MFA configured with a chain (in OpenAM 13.5) that has LDAP module and HOTP module.

    The HOTP module has a Token Validity length of 30 mins, and the token is sent out via email to a user. We are noticing an issue where if the email server takes a few mins to send out this OTP token with a delay of a min or two to a user, and the user tries to enter the token in OpenAM, OpenAM responds by stating that the token has already expired. It is clearly not honoring the validity length in the HOTP module.

    Is this a known bug in 13.5 and does someone know of a workaround without having to resort to an upgrade at this point?

    Appreciate any assistance on this issue. Thank you!

     William Hepler

    Can you confirm the error though. It could be that the HOTP.xml page it self is timing out. A similiar thing can happen if your login page times out.

    I would double check:



    I face the same problem. I have changed the value of the HOTP validity to 15 minutes instead of 5 but it doesn’t seem to work! I checked everything and after testing the link is valid for 3 minutes and after it expires.

    I would appreciate any help on the issue. Thank you!

     Andy Cory

    Did you read @william-hepler’s reply? There could be more timeouts at play here than just the validity value for the token itself.


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