Help ! Forgerock SSO Broken ?

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    I can’t login to these days. It says wrong password. As a work around, I need to go to, activate a session and then open in another tab.

    PS: I use the same ‘wrong password’ for this workaround. What’s happening ?


    Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check it out.



    Thanks Marius !


    Alright, please give it another go now, we have made a few updates under the hood.

    Thank you for your patience ipulkit!



    Hey Marius, I still can’t get thru :(


    Ok, are you able to ping me on Skype? my id is “marius.granholt”

    and I can check the debug log as you try a login


    Pardon me, I am on the other side of the globe (IST). I think I have figured it all out. Did you recently make amends and make it possible to sign in using the username only ? I have been using my email address all these years. It works with username now.


    Hiya, yesterday (and over the weekend) we made some changes to WordPress (this system) – including upgrading it to the latest version. While I’m not able to reproduce myself I can see from the logs that your user generated error messages (my fault, not yours!). We are looking into it today, I’ll keep you posted here.


    Okay Marius, many thanks.

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