Hang on eks-up.sh during eks-mount-efs.sh

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    I’m trying to start a cluster using eks-up.sh. I’ve completed all of the previous steps successfully, but when I run eks-up.sh, it appears to be hanging in eks-mount-efs.sh. I see a child process for ssh (attempting to mount the EFS mount) and that process is missing a host/IP:

    501 80728 80697 0 11:40AM ttys006 0:00.03 ssh -oStrictHostKeyChecking=no -i /Users/myuserid/.ssh/eks-keypair.pem [email protected] /bin/bash

    Note the [email protected] part.

    When I do a kubectl get nodes, I get ‘No resources found.’ back. I’ve requested a 1.11 cluster, which I believe is spec’d in the CDM Cookbook for EKS. Doing a kubectl get ns works, as does kubectl get all --all-namespaces=true

    Anyone have any advice?

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    More info…

    It looks like the chunk of eks-create-worker-nodes.sh that creates the aws-auth configmap ran, but against my local cluster (docker for desktop mac). this makes me think that the export KUBECONFIG=~/.kube/config-${EKS_CLUSTER_NAME} in eks-create-cluster.sh did not apply in eks-create-worker-nodes.sh.

    Once I created the configmap manually, kubectl get nodes started working. Does KUBECONFIG need to be set *before* running eks-up.sh?


    Hi @ssd,

    We’re working on improving the user experience when deploying CDMs. We’re moving away from bash scripts and switching to using pulumi + skaffold + kustomize on our next release. If you want to try an early release, checkout the latest forgeops/master and take a look at forgeops/cluster/pulumi/README. You should be able to get an EKS cluster with that.

    Note we’re still working on the official documentation and things are still in progress.


    Thanks. Any chance you’ll also support eksctl?


    Not at this moment. However, you are free to use whatever tool you want or need to deploy and configure your EKS cluster.

    The CDM provides you with a known setup you can build on. It is recommended but not mandatory to succeed.


    Thanks @jhonattan-castillo. Once I get this up and working, I’ll compare to eksctl output. At this point I think it will do everything but the EFS create and mount but I want to verify that before switching.


    Our next release will also improve the clusters’ topology and security. Even if you decide not to use the CDM verbatim, it might pay off for you to see what gets deployed by the CDM once we finalize/release the new models.

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