Handling 409 Http staus code in OpenIG routes

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    Hi All,
    Our client application uses REST API’s to call back end server via OpenIG routes. In some cases, back end server gives 409 response code on some REST API, but OpenIG sends this response to client as 500 Internal server error. Below is the piece of code of the route.

                                                                            "condition": "${request.headers['FilterStatus'][0] == 'SESSIONEXPIRED'}",
                                                                            "handler": {
                                                                                    "name": "SessionExpiredFilterHandler",
                                                                                    "type": "StaticResponseHandler",
                                                                                    "config": {
                                                                                            "status": 401,
                                                                                            "reason": "Session expired",
                                                                                            "entity": "<html><h2>${request.headers['ErrorMessage'][0]}</h2></html>"

    Any idea how to handle 409 response code in OpenIG route ?


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