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     Brad Tumy

    Can you create “Groups” for the other products in the stack? OpenAM, OpenIG, OpenIDM and OpenDJ?

     Brad Tumy

    oh … and we need a DevOps/Automation group as well … I’d like to see Stein’s Juju charms up here and to see some of the stuff that Warren has been doing with Ansible.


    Groups for products will pop up along the way, we’re being careful not to establish a dozen groups on week 1. The two groups we have now are the extra hot topics in our space, in addition to IRM of course.

    For product groups we ideally want to link them up to contributions/ecosystem where possible. Consider that a group is basically a forum you can be a member of. And we already have a forum for each product.

    I’m personally excited about getting a DevOps group going, it’s something I as a web developer feel the need for every day. Others feel the same (we had fantastic interest in the Ansible webinar) so with a bit of preparation we should not just get a group but also a “library” of what is out there. I’m currently trying to figure out just how to do that together with the rest of the team here.

    If you know a company that has “solved” this challenge of cataloging all this please let me know. Or if you have ideas yourself we are all ears. We want to start in “keep it simple”-mode and later we can build something more specific, if that is what it takes :) If we can leverage something that has been built for WordPress – it would be even more awesome and fast.

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