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    After the upgrade from dj 3.0 to dj 3.5 I cannot use the previously working global admin (to get the replication status for example), I tried to reset it using the GUI admin from control-panel (editing the ‘cn=admin,cn=Administrators,cn=admin data‘ which I believe to be the global admin), but still I can’t use it.

    Is the global admin supposed to stay the same after an account ?

    How can I reset the global admin password ?

    Thank you.

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    An upgrade is not supposed to change data or existing functionality.
    Most likely, you’ve hit issue OPENDJ-3233, where dsreplication status command uses the wrong DN/user.

    But it would help if you described the steps to upgrade and what are the errors reported.


    Hi Ludo !

    My steps to upgrading are quite simple as I am using the deb packaged version, I just run
    dpkg -i /path/to/opendj-3.5.deb

    Then I just check that my data is still there :) And that my openIDM is still working altogether with the newly upgraded DJ… Which is OK.

    I just checked the issue you mentionned and YES it looks like a lot to the issue I am facing… The workaroubnd does not comply with our security requirements so I will not use it, but as the replication is still wotking this is not a big issue.

    Thanks Ludo for the quick answer !



    The support confirmed that I was hitting the OPENDJ-3231 / 3233 bug, and they gave me a patch that fix it straight away !

    Thank you Ludo for your support.

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