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    I attempted to install and configure OpenAM-14.0.0 for use with Apache-Tomcat.
    According to the official AM installation guide from ForgeRock, the war file for this version of OpenAM can
    be retrieved from the zip file, in this case

    However, when I unzip this package, and try to find for the war file, it returns with no output. Why is this?
    How do I get the war file for this version of OpenAM ?


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     Bill Nelson

    I am curious, where are you getting your documentation and download from for OpenAM v14? ForgeRock’s last “official” release of OpenAM was v13.5.2 before it transitioned to a closed source product as version 5 (to align its releases with other ForgeRock product versions).

    The code was forked at that time and is currently under “management” by the Open Identity Platform Community (, but the earliest release I can find there is 14.0.1 ( and there is no official documentation associated with that code since ForgeRock did not open source their documentation.

    Having said that, you can download the .war file from the link I provided above and the documents for v13.5 are probably close enough for you to use for now.


    I googled for OpenAM 14 downloads and it listed few opensource links for this version.
    And the reason I am looking out for this version, is because it supports Apache-Tomcat 8.5 which is not yet EOL.
    If I am not mistaken OpenAM 13.5 cannot use 8.5, only 8.0, which is already EOL, and defeats the purpose.

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     Scott Heger
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