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    Does OPENDJ store user login ip in user attributes? We need to get the ip and pass to the SAML assertion.


     Andy Cory

    Hi Shannon

    OpenDJ will store pretty much what you want, but you have to put it there :-)

    By default, client IP won’t be put into an identity in DJ during a SAML federation. Remember, there may not be an entry in DJ at all, depending on how you’ve configured federation. I’d say the best bet for your use case is to refer to the answer I gave to another of your posts, here ->

    It looks to me like the same process would work – get the IP address from the request and put it into the assertion in the same method, you shouldn’t need DJ. Would that work for you?



    I had the same problem when I needed to change the pass of my newest router but I didn’t know which is the pass for switching to the newest one.


    Upd. please help :)

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    I will wait..

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    You do? Since I had a situation when I buyed a new router but the password wasn’t putted. One day a decided to put a newest password for it but I didn’t knew default password that has been putted originally. Since than I asked on different forums about that and I found an article that’s called 10-0-0-1 where you can find this ip address for compatible routers with default passwords. There are a lot of description about it so it wouldn’t be difficult to understand such things..

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