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    I am using OpenDJ 3.0

    Getting result for, /users/user1

    I have to access, /users/realm/sub-realm/user1

    How to GET User from subtree ?
    How to specify search DN ?

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    Sub-resources are not yet supported by the OpenDJ REST to LDAP interface.


    Oh is it. I support it as a good feature for OpenDJ, then we can access data Realm wise same as in OpenAM.

    Actually i tried this option to check the issue,

    Login to open-AM and change my data, it appears in LDAP and Open-AM correctly. But, if i change any data like an email address in OpenDJ using Apache Directory Studio, Open-AM does not appear to update the information it still has the old email in the end user page.

    I think its due to OpenAM cache.

    How to clear cache manually after some updates in OpenDJ?

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     Mark Craig

    If OpenAM is storing users for different realms under a different DN in OpenDJ, you can edit the REST to LDAP configuration in /path/to/opendj/config/http-config.json, which is described in!/docs/opendj/3/reference/appendix-rest2ldap , to change the “baseDN” and potentially “searchBaseDN” properties.

    You’ll need to restart at least the HTTP connection handler (set enabled:false, then set enabled:true) to have it re-read the changed configuration.


    You mean create separate API mappings for different DNs. That’s we have tried and its working fine.

    But we need to create separate API mapping for different search DNs, thats difficult.

    It will be useful if we can give search DN as a parameter while API execution.

    So the conclusion is,
    “Sub-resources are not yet supported by the OpenDJ REST to LDAP interface.”

    So we can wait for solution from Forgerock…..

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