get an object in groovy postcreate script

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    i have a recon which create objects /managed/person

    In the managed.json, i have :

    “name” : “person”,
    “comment” : “entite regroupant les personnes”,
    “postCreate” : {
    “type” : “groovy”,
    “file” : “groovyscript/person/postCreatePerson”

    I have 100 persons in my source and i see them in my log.
    And i can see that for each person i pass in the postCreatePerson.groovy script.

    My question is : how can i get the current object person in my postCreatePerson.groovy ?

    thanks and sorry for my english


    You can do var curPerson =‘managed/person/’ + source._id);

    You would then be able to manipulate the properties or attributes within that curPerson object. Is that what you are looking for?


    i’ve tried this but i have an error “no such object source” or something like that.
    in a “onCreate” script. I have a source object and a target object.
    but in a postCreate i have it seems that i have no source object. so i don’t know how to get my current object :(

     Jake Feasel


    In “onCreate” for managed objects, the binding you need is “newObject”.


    my person object is in “object”
    i can directly get object._id,

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