german umlauts in mail attribute

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    I’m syncing users with openidm to opendj. Some users has german umlauts in the mailaddress.

    On sync or reconsilataton i get following errors:

    [LDAP: error code 21 – Entry “”uid=xxxx,ou=yyyy,dc=zzzz,dc=de”” contains a value “”xxxxä[email protected]”” for attribute mail that is invalid according to the syntax for that attribute: The provided value “”xxxxä[email protected]”” cannot be parsed as a valid IA5 string because it contains an illegal character “”-61″” that is not allowed in the IA5 (ASCII) character set];

    Is there a solution to change the ldap schema to allow this?

    One soltution is to use an own attribute for the mailaddress – i would avoid this.

    Thanks for any tip.

    Greetings from Potsdam/Germany


    The mail attribute is defined in RFC 4524 as an IA5 String.
    There has been no revision of LDAP schema yet to allow internationalized email addresses, so the only options are to alter the definition of the mail attribute at the risk of breaking compatibility for some applications, use your own attribute or disable schema checking (but that will be applicable to all attributes).


    thanks Ludo,
    i think disabling the checking is no option. So i will check my applications if an alternate attribute is possible. If not i will test with altering the mail attribute.

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