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    Hi guys i encountered this error

    [07/Jul/2017:04:19:18 +0200] DISCONNECT conn=5 reason=”Server Error” msg=”Worker Thread 14 encountered an uncaught exception while processing operation SearchOperation(connID=5, opID=4622, baseDN=ou=services,dc=openam,dc=st,dc=sk, scope=wholeSubtree, filter=(|(&(objectclass=sunRealmService)(&(|(sunxmlKeyValue=sunidentityrepositoryservice-sunOrganizationAliases=authenticate)(sunxmlKeyValue=sunOrganizationAliases=authenticate))))(&(objectclass=sunServiceComponent)(&(|(sunxmlKeyValue=sunidentityrepositoryservice-sunOrganizationAliases=authenticate)(sunxmlKeyValue=sunOrganizationAliases=authenticate)))))): GC overhead limit exceeded (DN.java:683 Entry.java:4229 ID2Entry.java:180 ID2Entry.java:95 ID2Entry.java:324 ID2Entry.java:478 EntryIDSetSorter.java:95 EntryContainer.java:1052 BackendImpl.java:971 LocalBackendSearchOperation.java:266 LocalBackendWorkflowElement.java:533 WorkflowImpl.java:197 WorkflowTopologyNode.java:100 SearchOperationBasis.java:1459 TraditionalWorkerThread.java:167)”

    and my OpenDJ stopped working. I had to restart it. Can you please tell me what can be problem?
    I am using OpenDJ 2.6.0 2 nodes replication between.


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