Full AND fractional replications of the same base DN

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     Bruno Masquillier


    I want to set up two replications for the same base DN from a given directory server A:
    – one full replication with server B
    – one fractional replication with server C

    As I cannot have the same base DN twice as two domains under the same synchronization provider, I’ve tried setting up a new synchronization provider, containing a new replication server on a new port, and a new domain with the same base DN as the first.

    But then I don’t see how dsreplication enable can allow me to set up the replication for this new fractional domain: it ignores the new port number and adds the new server port as part of the first replication in the original Multimaster Synchronization.

    Should I change the configuration manually? Is there another way?

    Thank you,


    Fractional Replication is a specific configuration of a Replica within a topology.
    So it’s possible to enable replication between server A, B and C, and then set server C as a Fractional replica. In all cases, all Replication services are fully connected, so any change in B or A will be replicated to C (if it matches the fractional part of C).
    I hope this helps.

     Bruno Masquillier

    Thanks Ludo.

    I realise now that my example was incomplete and unclear. May I try to complete it?

    I want a replication of only some attributes between the server A and a server D: for instance they replicate the uids created on each respective server, but nothing else. If I configure a fractional replication on A and D including only the uid, then no client can update these servers with any other attribute but uid.

    So I was thinking a setting a fractional replication on an additional server C between server A and server D, and because A has already a full replication to B on the same base DN, it looks like I need a new synchronization provider containing a new replication domain and server (so that there is no full replication between A and D)

    So my question is: how do I set up a second synchronization provider and replication domain and server? Is it possible? I can create them with the dsconfig create*, but dsreplication enable does not allow me to enable this replication and seems to default to the delivered Multimaster Synchronization provider.


    I think I’m confuse by your example, but regardless, OpenDJ has a single synchronization provider: the MultiMaster Replication one.
    It should be possible to have a server D that only receives uid from server A or B, but it cannot any other common attributes with A and B. This means that A and B should be fractional replicas excluding all attributes from D but the uid.
    Note that I’ve never tried such configuration.
    Now if you want D to have uid synchronized but nothing else, it might be easier with an external synchronization tool such as OpenIDM.

     Bruno Masquillier

    I guess another way to say it was that I was trying to have two topologies (sharing the same schema and DIT) replicating to each other only through a fractional replication, and not connecting otherwise. I was wondering if for this I could add a second synchronization provider: thanks for making clear this is not possible.

    I think the alternative now is between moving each “topology” in its own subtree on separate backends by adding a node to the DIT, or indeed using something like OpenIDM.

    Again, thank you very much for your input.

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