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    Imagine I have two DJs one in Canada and one in US. I want to setup fractional replication between these two DJs to avoid storing some attributes from the Canadian DJ to the US DJ and also avoid storing some attributes from the US DJ to the Canadian DJ. Apparently, the US data still crosses the border, though the Canadian replication server rejects the forbidden attributes. The same happens for the other direction of the data flow. Is there anyway that we could filter out the forbidden attributes in the same country where the data belongs to? For example, configuring the US replication server to only sends the allowed attributes to the Canadian replication server?



    All replication servers are fully connected and have all changes. There is no way to change this. This was done to ensure high availability including in case of disaster where all replication servers in a datacenter would disappear.


    Thanks Ludo. So I suppose there is no way to configure replication across borders but at the same time maintain sensitive info inside borders. I think that is because fractional replication is enforced, in replication servers, only on incoming traffic. It cannot filter the outgoing updates from a directory server.

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