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    I am using OpenAM 13.0.0 Build 5d4589530d (2016-January-14 21:15). We have an email service configured for sending a link for forgotten passwords. We are using rest to create the text of the email and OpenAM sends the email as we want. The issue is that the from email address as configured in the email service does not use the configured email address. We want to use something like [email protected] but instead the from address uses the hostname for the domain, rather than what we configured. Is there a way to change the from address either in the console or through rest?

     Andy Cory

    You can provide your own email service implementation class in which you can alter the from address. However, this shouldn’t be necessary; I can’t explain why the from address configured in the OpenAM console isn’t the one that is actually used in the resulting emails. A custom implementation class would allow you to fix this if the ultimate cause isn’t found.



    Thank you, Andy,

    I discovered this morning that I can change the address to anything I want through the console, as long as I use the OpenAM server hostname as the domain name. In our production environment the domain name that is used with the emails does not match the hostname so there has to be a setting somewhere, either in OpenAM or on the server. I will update if I find the root cause.

    Thanks again

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