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    Is there a place to get the certificate once you pass the exam? Thanks.

     Bill Nelson

    I was the second to take/pass the OpenAM certification a couple of years back. Other than the paper I received from Pearson, I have never received any “official” certificate.

     Andy Cory

    I did my certification more recently than Bill, but can confirm nothing has changed, I only have the paper I received from Pearson at the time. It has the marks & breakdown on it, so is probably ‘the certificate’ itself, as much as anything is. My copy was printed out on a laser printer with virtually empty toner, so wouldn’t impress anybody! (Neither would the marks, probably…)



    Is it that difficult to make the paper more “official”? Thanks for the comments anyways.



     Scott Heger

    It would be nice if ForgeRock did issue official certificates on this. I was the first to take/pass the exam and I’m still waiting….


    Hi Scott, when was your first test? And, just curious, how do you know you are the first? Did ForgeRock actually tell you about it? lol


    I received an official certificate after dropping an email to the ForgeRock University email address [email protected]

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