Force User to Update his Profile Attributes & Password on first login

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    We have a requirement to force user to
    -change his password
    -add security questions
    -update few profile attributes
    when he first logs in OpenIDM.

    Any pointers to achieve this behavior will be helpful.

     Jake Feasel

    Having a hard requirement for this during login with IDM alone is not really possible, as IDM does not have multi-staged auth. You could modify the UI so that the user’s profile page comes up first, along with a message suggesting they provide this information, but they could simply ignore this and go off and do something else instead.

    If you really need to force this to happen during login, then you should use OpenAM for login and define some conditional modules which will ask the user for this information before they are given a valid session token. The good news is that OpenAM and OpenIDM work well together (particularly in OpenIDM 4) so you can just redirect users back and forth between the systems and it should be fine.

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