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    Hi, if you have a minute please check out /openam/ and let me know what you think. Did we forget something?

    Don’t mind the content in the “Get started!” box, it’s coming :)


     Chris Lee

    In the – PRACTICAL BITS – section, I’d like to be able to click the headings to go to that thing (e.g. Source Code, Downloads, or Documentation). I realize there’s a couple of different links in each section, but we could choose the most common destination and link the headers to those perhaps?

     Rogério Rondini

    Hi folks,

    That is really a good product page.

    So, what do you think to have a “tutorials” section linked with each “Features” ?


     Chris Lee

    I think that’s a great idea @rarondini-paradygmagmail-com.

    We could start by linking features to the relevant documentation showing how to use the feature perhaps.



    I’ll update the page if you guys find the relevant links.

    To make them last through new releases we have this /latest/ link to build on:

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