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     Mike Jang


    We would love to hear what you think about our documentation. It’s an easy way to get involved in the community!

    Read our docs. If you find a typo, let us know in a post on this board. If you find a technical error, register for a community account at!/account/register . It’s free!

    With a community account, you can file a bug report at Do it and watch your name rise on the leaderboard.



    Does the forum support sticky posts ?


    Indeed, this very post is sticky.

    Have a look at /forums/forum/general-discussion/

     Aron Kozak

    As we have a separate forum for discussions, we should consider deleting this thread

     Mike Jang

    Hi Aron,

    I’ll forward you a related request that I’ve made to Marius.




    I found countless errors and information that was either incorrect or obsolete, but writing down all of this here would take forever.

    Most of the people finding errors are on the documentation page, not the forum page. I would suggest you add a system to flag mistakes inside the documentation page, so we could flag errors immediately as we see them, without needing any more complications. If people can instantly flag mistakes without having to come here for every single error, I believe you would get much more feedback.

    An extra javascript layer that would permit you to select text when logged in, then add a comment to it for moderators to see would make a world’s difference, sort of like Google Docs when adding comments in the margin of a document.

     Mike Jang

    Hello Voxtel,

    We have such a system — but perhaps we haven’t publicized it well enough. For example, if you have comments on the IDM Installation Guide for IDM version 6, you’d navigate to:

    Look for the “bug” icon in the upper right corner: ForgeRock Documentation Bug Icon.

    Select the icon. You’ll see a screen where you can provide feedback: ForgeRock Doc Feedback Form

    When others use this feature, we on the ForgeRock documentation team see this feedback via email, and we try to respond with at least an action plan (typically a JIRA) fairly quickly.

    I encourage you to try it! I hope you’ll be pleased with the results.


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    Hey there!

    Thanks a lot, I hadn’t seen that and will be sure to use it! Obviously the ability to select where the problem is would make things easier for you, but that’s already a good start and I’ll be sure to flag all errors from now on!

    have a nice day :)

     Mike Jang

    Hi Voxtel,

    We look forward to your feedback, and I dare say we’re eager to hear about any and all problems with our documentation. FWIW, we’re exploring options such as Diigo and Juntoo.



    The first issue I had was trying to understand the difference between products like AM vs. OpenAM as well as which versions of each product worked together. I currently have OpenDJ, OpenAM and OpenIDM and have found it very difficult to follow the documentation to understand the best practices of using these products from a RESTful standpoint.

     Mike Jang

    Hi amthomson,

    Essentially, you’ve asked several questions. (I’m not sure if I’m answering the right questions, so let us know.)

    1) “difference between products like AM vs. OpenAM”.

    AM is short for “Access Management”, which is the current version of our product.

    For compatibility with our other products, we changed the numbering sequence last year. So you’ll see (in reverse order, newest on top):

    AM 6
    AM 5.5
    AM 5
    OpenAM 13.5
    OpenAM 13
    OpenAM 12

    2) As for products that work together, you’ll have to refer to the release notes for each product. If the release notes don’t clarify, let us know!

    2a) I’ve set up blog posts detailing how AM, IDM, and DS work together, e.g.

    3) Re: Best practices using our products from a RESTful standpoint: we have extensive official documentation for REST for each of our products. Mark Craig has recently posted a series of blog posts summarizing how to set up REST for each of our products, ref



    issue on SSL configuration on openDJ PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

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     William Hepler

    Can you provide more context, If you have doc feedback like a typo you can click the feedback bug while in the doc’s to give that feedback directly to our teams.

    Doc Feed back link


    <img src=x>



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