feature difference between OEM and Standard version of OpenDJ 3.0.0

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    Can you please help me understand the feature/functionality difference between OEM & Standard version of OpenDJ3.0.0?


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     Rajesh R


    There is a separate release notes for OpenDJ and OpenDJ OEM. That might give you all the details that you are looking for:

    OpenDJ Release Notes:


    OpenDJ Release Notes (OEM Edition):


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    There are no feature difference between the OEM and the Standard version with one exception: the OEM version only has the PDB backend, whereas the standard edition has both the PDB and the JE backends.
    The OEM version is only available to our customers, and recommended only for the OEM customers.


    Thank you Ludo for this information.


    @ludo: Why might someone choose to use the OEM version instead of Standard? Was it a licensing issue? Otherwise, why would someone go with fewer features?

    Is OEM still available in DS 5, now that PDB has been deprecated?


    The OEM version was built to address specific licensing issues.
    With DS5, we are producing a single release that is suitable to all customers, including our OEM customers, as the BDB license has been changed to Apache v2.

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