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    Hi All,

    I am trying to call an external REST using a javascript on update of a managed object.

    var uri;
    var para = new Object();
    var header = { “Authorization”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, “If-Match”: “*”, “Content-Type”: “application/json” };
    uri = “”;
    var bodypart = { “aaaa”: “bbbb”,”cccc”: “dddd”} ;
    var bodyJSON = JSON.stringify(bodypart);

    para.url= uri;
    response=openidm.action(“external/rest”, “call”, para);

    I am getting a bad request exception when i try to update the managed object. Request you to kindly provide pointers on how to debug this further.Please let me know in case you need any input from me.

    any pointers will be helpful.


    You are running IDM 5.5? In earlier versions (at least including 4.5) REST calls could only be performed using http but not using https. forgerock suggested using stunnel.
    I’m not sure https is supported in 5.5, perhaps you should try http and stunnel instead?


    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your response.I am running IDM 5.5 on my system, does it support https ?In the mean while i will try exploring the use of stunnel and http. I don’t see much in the openidm logs so not very sure if this is the only issue.


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