External OpenDJ Identity Repo – conflict schema attribute type name

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    Hi Everyone,
    I try to prepare external identity repository (OpenDJ) for OpenAM by the guide
    When I run ldapmodify with OpenAM schema extension (file opendj_user_schema.ldif), I got error:

    Processing MODIFY request for cn=schema
    The LDAP modify request failed: 19 (Constraint Violation)
    Additional Information: There should be no warnings on the schema, but
    instead got 1 warnings: The following attribute types share the name
    “paw-memberOf, 1.2.840.113556.1.2.102”: memberof. To avoid ambiguity the name
    “memberof” will only be associated with attribute type “paw-memberOf”

    We already have a custom attribute type with name “memberof” in external identity repository. Is there some possibility to have 2 attribute types with the same name “memberof” (in external OpenDJ) or can we rename the attribute type of OpenAM schema extension?

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