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    We are currently trying to extend the platform (OpenAM 6.5.3) with custom endponints. Is this even possible apart from the standard extension points like (auth nodes/modules, identity stores, etc)? If it is possible, is there some article or documentation describing the process?

    Thank you.


     Jatinder Singh

    I am afraid it may not be possible in version 6.5. That said, if you intend to add custom behaviour to an existing endpoint, you could use Decorator Pattern by proxying that endpoint through IG and add PRE/POST behaviour around a given endpoint.

     Andy Cory

    This is quite an old thread, but I’ve only just seen it. Given AM is a web app, it’s certainly possible to add custom endpoints by declaring a servlet and mapping in the web.xml file and adding servlets & any supporting utility classes into into the WAR file. We have a few custom endpoints incorporated into AM running in production for more than one customer.


     Jatinder Singh

    +1 to Andy’s answer.

    Unlike ForgeRock IDM, AM itself (for v6.5) out of the box doesn’t provide configuration to add any custom endpoints. But being a Java application (and as suggested by Andy above), we can always implement low-level Servlet Filters and add appropriate mappings in the web.xml to add any custom behavior or endpoints.

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