Escaping characters in condition statements in IG route

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    I am trying to pass conditions for “not matches” in IG route as follows:

    “condition”: “${matches (request.uri.path, ‘^/sample/’) and not (matches (request.uri.path, ‘^/sample/pageone/.*\?.*’) )}”

    Problem is with not matches part. ^/sample/pageone/.*\?.* evaluates correctly in a regex validator but IG keeps throwing error:

    com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonParseException: Unrecognized character escape ‘?’ (code 63)

    Is IG handling characters differently?



    Hello Sid,

    JUEL does not allow to escape character in expressions. See -> JUEL doesn’t let you ‘escape’ anything except ${ and #{
    You will not be able to exclude a character but what you can do is to use the functions. For example:

    "condition": "${matches (request.uri.path, '^/sample/') and (matches (request.uri.path, '^/sample/pageone') and empty(request.uri.query))}"

    Also see:

    Hope it helps,


    In fact a condition like
    "condition": "${(matches (request.uri.path, '^/sample/pageone') and empty(request.uri.query)) or matches (request.uri.path, '^/sample/(.*\\\\..*)?$')}",
    will suits better I think. But you’ll have to tweak it according to your request conditions.

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