Error running npm run dev – end user UI

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    Trying to run the node development server component to modify the end user UI.

    Using Node 10.15.1 I he following error after running “npm run dev”

    “78% module and chunk tree optimization optimize-tree” and then it hangs.

    Any ideas what may be causing this?




    What version of NPM do you have (npm –version)? Did you also run npm install to make sure you have all of the dependencies?

    One easy method you can try is to delete your node_modules folder and package-lock file and try and rerun npm install. After that try npm run dev. Let me know if that works.

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    Microsoft fix resolved this. Reboot a Mac (??) and now works. Perhaps a resource conflict.


    Could you please revert what the Microsoft fix was. I’m also facing the same problem, your response is highly appreciated.


    My sarcasm. “fix” for me was a reboot. I’d suggest the Mac was low on memory and not enough for the node instance to start up properly. Recommend as much free RAM as possible.

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