Error: release userstore failed: secrets “configstore” already exists

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     Brad Tumy

    following the devops guide and at this step:

    I am getting the following error after running ./

    Waiting for pod configstore-0 to be ready
    Creating OpenDJ user store
    Configuring instance userstore
    Error: release userstore failed: secrets “configstore” already exists
    Waiting for pod userstore-0 to be ready

     Brad Tumy


    image: opendj
    tag: 4.0.0
    # djInstance name – this will be the stateful service name of OpenDJ as well.
    djInstance: configstore

    does this need to be changed for the user store and session store setup?

    Seems strange since
    /fretes/helm/bin/ looks for the instance name from when the command is called in

     Brad Tumy

    I found that if I manually ran the script individually for each store type (ctsstore, configstore and userstore) that these created successfully and I was then able to successfully run the script to deploy openam with minikube.

     Scott Heger

    Good stuff Brad.

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