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    Hi, I am throwing error from the onValidate method for managed object. This is indeed thrown back to the ui, this is when the managed object is created. however the custom message is not seen, how to achieve this, any help please.

    using the below

    throw {
        "code": 403, 
        "message": "custom error message",
        "detail" : {
            "var": "parameter1",
            "complexDetailObject" : [

    can’t see the “custom error message” . On the alert error message it says as below:

    "Unable to update resource. Validation Failed. Reason(s): Unknown"

     Jake Feasel

    You will need to modify the UI so that the message you want to display is shown. The best place to handle this is probably within config/process/CommonIDMConfig.js. You can transform your custom error details into a string similar to the way that errors is computed for standard policy failures. That will then be passed into the EVENT_DISPLAY_MESSAGE_REQUEST handler and used to display the message.


    Thanks Jake, I will give it a go. Initial attempt didn’t work though.

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