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    Hi All,

    I am facing issues in installing openam webagent in in a HA environment the openam and the the protected application are behind a VIP and we have configured the VIP to route request to openam servers or the protected application based on URI.The VIP is configured to work only with https.

    I see the following error in the agent install logs :-
    2017-01-17 07:30:39 OpenAM Web Agent for Apache Server interactive installation
    2017-01-17 07:30:44 license accepted
    2017-01-17 07:30:59 server configuration file D:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\conf\httpd.conf
    2017-01-17 07:31:21 OpenAM URL
    2017-01-17 07:31:21 am_url_validate(): sending request:
    HEAD /openam HTTP/1.1


    User-Agent: OpenAM Web Agent/4.1.0

    Accept: text/plain

    Connection: Close

    2017-01-17 07:31:21 am_url_validate(): status is set to 0 (success)
    2017-01-17 07:31:21 am_url_validate(): response status code: 404
    2017-01-17 07:31:30 Agent URL
    2017-01-17 07:31:50 Agent Profile name ACF_GWOPW01_Apache
    2017-01-17 07:31:51 Agent realm/organization name /
    2017-01-17 07:32:05 Agent password file D:\Softwares\Apache_v22_WINNT_4.1.0\pwd.txt
    2017-01-17 07:32:05 agent password file D:\Softwares\Apache_v22_WINNT_4.1.0\pwd.txt opened successfully
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 validating configuration parameters…
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 send_authcontext_request(): sending 481 bytes to
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 send_authcontext_request(): response status code: 404
    Not Found
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 am_agent_login(): closing connection after failure
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 error validating OpenAM agent configuration
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 installation error
    2017-01-17 07:32:13 installation exit

    Please i have test the following url , and from the browser boath seem to be accessible.

    Could it a issue because of ssl,Please provide any pointers.
    Also can we run the web agent installer in debug mode to get more information

    environment details :-
    OpenAM :- 13.5
    Webagent :- 4.1.0
    Apache Webserver (32 bit)
    OS :- Windows server 2012

    Kindly let me know if you need more info from us.


     Scott Heger

    It wouldn’t be because of SSL. Kick up the debug level to Message for both the agent and OpenAM and then look into the debug files for more information about what is not being found.

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