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    I’m currently taking the following training:

    Access Management: Core Concepts AM-400
    Student Workbook

    Steps taken before this point, as instructed by the workbook, were:
    – Configuring/create a web agent in AM
    – Stopping the apache server

    Those were preparation for the next step:
    – In Chapter 1: Lesson 2: Exercise 1: Task 3: Page: 65, it instructs the following while installing a Web Agent

    Accept the license: yes
    Configuration file: /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Change Ownership? yes
    Existing OpenSSOAgentBootstrap.properties file ↵ (Enter to accept the default)
    OpenAM server URL: http://subscribers.example.com:18080/am
    Agent URL: http://fec.example.com:80
    Agent profile name: webagent
    Realm / Organization Name: /subscribers
    Agent password file: /opt/web_agents/passwdfile
    Confirm Configuration: yes

    However it exits out with the following error:
    Error validating OpenAM – Agent configuration.

    Then I noticed there wasn’t actually a subscribers realm in AM, and nowhere in the workbook was it instructed to create one or mentioned that one was already created, so I created it myself thinking that that would solve the problem, only it didn’t, I still got the same error.

    Also, If I try to access http://subscribers.example.com:18080/am it asks for a user/password, upon creating the subscribers real no setting of user/password was asked to be set, although I did try amadmin/cangetinam.

    So not sure how to overcome this in order to continue and complete this training.

    As a side note: While creating the Web Agent the instructions refers to where the agent is being created as a console, for example “log in to the AM console”, console to me implies that I will get a command prompt. Regardless I figured it was in this portal: am.example.com:18080/am/XUI/#login/, which of course is a web ui, and I was able to follow through the instructions even though it kept calling it a console. Is this portal what it means by console?

    Any help is much appreciated.


     Scott Heger

    Creating of the subscribers realm is performed in Chapter 1, Lesson 1, Exercise 2, Task 2. Seems you may have missed this step.

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