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     Matt Mencel

    I’m trying to copy my schema files over from my old Sun DS system. We have DHCP records in LDAP. When I try to start OpenDJ with the 97dhcp.ldif schema file, OpenDJ won’t import it. Lots of warnings like this…

    23/Sep/2015:13:59:10 -0500] category=CONFIG severity=SEVERE_WARNING msgID=3276993 msg=Unable to parse an attribute type definition from schema configuration file 97dhcp.ldif: The definition for the attribute type with OID 2.16.840.1.113719. declared that equality matching should be performed using the matching rule “distinguishednamematchdesc”. No such equality matching rule is configured for use in the Directory Server

    Here is one of the entries from the schema file.

    dn: cn=schema
    attributeTypes: ( 2.16.840.1.113719. 
     NAME 'dhcpPrimaryDN' 
     EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch
     DESC 'The DN of the dhcpServer which is the primary server for the configuration.' 

    I see it’s erroring on the “EQUALITY” rule, just not sure what I need to do to resolve it.


     Ian Packer

    Hi Matt,

    Continuation lines being with a space, so if you’ve only got one space at the start of each of these lines and nothing on the end you’ve actually got no space there in the actual attribute value. Did you lose an extra space at some point?

    i.e try with 2 spaces at the start of each continuation line, or an extra one on the end of distinguishedNameMatch

    It’s probably better to only have 2 spaces at the start and none at the end of each line, since it’s much clearer/easier to see it in most editors.

    – Ian

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