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    Hi Everyone,
    I have an issue with AM6 when using on ios simulator, whenver i try to login into AM, AM redirects me to failed session page with a red pop-up saying UNKNOWN ERROR: CONTACT YOUR ADMINISTRATOR.
    When i click on return to login page on the same page, it appears to have created my session and logs me in!!
    Please help me in rectifying with issue.

    Given below are the cases i am working on.

    Firstly, i have deployed a sample ios App with OAuth2 flow, when i click authorize using Sarai’s pop-up tab i get AM login page when i enter correct credentials of demo user i get the aforemention error. On clicking return to login page, i get back to my app and i appear to have received an access token for successful authentication.
    But, when i open safari and try to view dashboard page of user it asks me for login again. It appears SSO is not happening correctly.

    Secondly, i have protected a webapp using J2EE agent, when accessing this app using MaC’s Safari browser i can login without any error.
    But, when i do the same in ios Simulator i again get the Unknown error pop-up: with failed session page and on clicking return to login page i get redirected to my webapp with a new session of same user being created in AM.

    Kindly help me in solving this issue.
    Thanks in Advance,



    @dusty Hi Dusty, it appears you have replied on my post as i recieved a notification saying you have posted something.. but when i open the post i dnt see any comment maybe a forum issue.. if u have any answers.. do u mind posting again??


    Hi Akshay,

    I had some issues to reply to your topic. For your problem with the iOS Simulator, I had opened a Support Ticket for this issue and now it is accepted as a critical bug. You can watch this issue and upvote it.


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