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    I want to activate user account only after validating the link sent by OpenAM to the email which user have provided while registration.On click of link user able to redirect to the openam/XUI/#profile/details (profile details).

     Andy Cory

    Hi Deepak

    I’m not sure I understand the question you are asking. This is, I guess, the user self-service registration flow. Which version of AM? During this flow, a link is sent to the email provided by the user, as you say. The mail has a link back into OpenAM, where the user enters details for his profile. If email verification is the only check you have configured in the registration flow, then when he saves the profile information, the account is activated. Registration of a new user should happen as you want it to. Please explain your question.



    Hi Andy thanks for your help.

    Below is my requirement in detail:
    1.User should enter his/her email address and password/confirm password on registration page.
    2.After entering user should able to see message “Your account is created successfully. Please check your inbox and click on link provided in mail to activate the account”.
    3.Then user go to his/her mailbox.
    4.On click of link user will able to redirect to his/her account.
    For sample registration process you can refer below link .

     Andy Cory

    Hi Deepak

    AM will give you a similar, but not identical, registration flow. The flow is configurable, in that you can use email verification, captcha, knowledge-based questions etc, but it’s only configurable up to a point. For example, the email AM sends is to validate that the user ‘owns’ the email address, it’s not an activation email. The account in AM is only created after the email address has been validated and the other profile information has been collected.

    If you want to reproduce exactly the registration process used by trello, you’ll probably need to have your own UI that collects the information in the order you want, and then drives AM’s user registration process using the REST APIs. If you have a custom UI that orchestrates the interaction between the end user and AM, you can do pretty much what you like, but of course it’s a lot more effort than using the built-in AM UI.

    Or alter your requirements to fit what AM can do out of the box using the built-in UI.



    Thanks Andy for the quick response.

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