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    I was wondering if it would be possible in IDM to have a “dynamic” selection of the target resource we can use in a mapping.
    In my case, we have 7 SAP instances, with identical configuration. So we have 7 connectors, and 7 mappings declared. But a user account can be provisioned on one system, based on a validSource script.

    It would be quite cool to be able to have only one mapping, and select the target based on validSource.

    I don’t know the impact on the performance. If the “validSource” script is used in the first phase, I guess there is no real issue with performance in my case ; only 7 mappings to copy / paste.



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    Just trying to understand the above – are you by any chance asking:

    * if there’s a way to replace 7 mappings with a single where the target resource (in SAP) along with SAP connector are dynamically selected on the fly based on validSource filter? I want to emphasize on the connector here as you have 7 in your scenario and you would like to somehow via your mapping select one based on a give criteria? is that what you are asking?




    yes this is the goal. In other products (such as IBM SIM) there is a “service selection policy” which can be used to do this. It is very helpful when you have a lot of similar connectors.
    I already have a validSource javascript : based on the country of the user, I know which connector / SAP instance is valid. But I still have to maintain 7 mappings, which are 99% similar, except the target name.



    AFAIK a given sync mapping has a single one way mapping with a connector. Once it’s married – it remains married to that connector.

    Are all your connectors connected to the same datasource/database? And do they define different Identity Objects a.k.a Object Types e.g. Connector 1 defines Employee, Connector 2 defines Devices, and so on? Or they define a single Identity Object e.g. Employee but apply different filters?

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