Dynamic Profile Creation in OAuth 2.0 Module

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    I am currently doing a POC on Federation and i was working with OAuth 2.0.
    I have created an openam instance as a service provider and another as a client.
    I have created an Authentication module in client and also performed all the federation steps required.
    I am able to successfully sign-in when a user profile is present in both the openam instances(client and provider).
    But, i also wanted to create a user profile dynamically if a user is present in provider and not in client.
    I have checked the checkbox which say “Create account if it does not exist”.
    I have also added the basic required attributes in Account Mapper “uid=uid , cn=cn , sn=sn , mail=mail”

    Now, when i try to access the module i am asked for credentials by provider after that the request page appears where we have to click allow or deny, on clicking allow i get a page UNABLE TO LOGIN TO OPENAM with a red pop-up saying “Unknown Error. Please contact your administrator”
    and on clicking deny i get to a page stating Request not valid, perhaps a permission problem.

    Can anyone guide me on how to setup this module for dynamically creating profile if a user does not exist.??

    Thanks in Advance,

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