DS 5.5 cts installation problem

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    System: GCP Centos

    hi, I follow the installation guide https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/am/5.5/install-guide/index.html#chap-install-cts-implementation

    here is the Equivalent non-interactive command:
    /home/xxx/cts/setup directory-server \
    –instancePath /home/xxx/cts \
    –rootUserDn cn=Directory\ Manager \
    –rootUserPassword ****** \
    –hostname xx.xxx.xxx.xxx \
    –adminConnectorPort 6444 \
    –ldapPort 2389 \
    –enableStartTls \
    –addBaseEntry \
    –baseDn cn=cts,ou=famrecords,ou=openam-session,ou=tokens \
    –backendType je-backend

    And it returns as:
    Validating parameters….. Done

    ‘/home/xxx/cts/template/config/rest2ldap’ into
    See /tmp/opendj-setup-1584479354653273203.log for a detailed log of the fa
    Please report this error and provide the log file mentioned above.

    How to fix it?

     Jatinder Singh

    Can you share log data from this file /tmp/opendj-setup-1584479354653273203.log?

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