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    I’m trying to download the source for OpenAM from the git repo but am getting an authentication error.

    When the notes say use your username and *not* your password, what is the username? Is that the same as my ‘handle’, ie: ‘robert-baldockpfiks-com’?



    Hi Robert,

    I did a quick check in the Stash user directory and your userID is: [email protected]

    Can you try to login with this userID?

    The password should be the same than your Backstage account.

    Bruno (Release Engineer at Forgerock)


    Bruno –

    Many thanks for that, that’s working fine.

    Might be worth updating the info on as it currently says:

    “Git will ask you for your backstage username (not email address!) and password before downloading the repository.”



    In your case, your Backstage userID is your email address.

    But for most of our users (99,9%), it’s not the case: their userID are classic user login (not email address).

    That’s why we said that in our guide to get the source code.

    I’ll try to improve the guide for the special cases.


     Peter Major

    FYI: to figure out your own username:
    * go to
    * login
    * open up

    Check out the Username field.


    Thanks Peter, it’s really useful!

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