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    I want to download opendj2.6.0 from source code from SVN of enterprise version available from forgerock,
    I tried with this :
    but unable get legal notice and license , and where is opendj-server-2.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar is created,

    I had tried check out openDJ from trunk but that is 3.0.0 version which is not yet enterprise binary download available ,openDJ 3.0.0 snapshot jar was created under “/opendj/opendj-server/target” path.

    from where did I get opendj-2.6.0 source code as same as enterprise version available for download,
    or can we use download enterprise OpenDj-2.6.0 version for production environment.


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    The source code of the Enterprise version that is available from ForgeRock is what you have downloaded. I don’t think it would make sense for us to make available as part of the open source repository and community, the ForgeRock specific license, nor that it would make sense for you to reproduce an exact copy with the same ForgeRock license.


    Thanks Ludo for reply ,ok so for production point of view , which should OpenDj version be preferable to use Enterprise version,

    should I use openDJ-2.6.0 downloaded enterprise version ? or need to subscribe OpenDj-2.6.0 or
    use current source code from trunk ie OpenAM-3.0.0 snapshots and build it, ( not sure about these release 3.0.0 since it is not available in forgerock downloads too)


    If you are asking someone from ForgeRock which version of OpenDJ to use, then the answer is simple : the latest Enterprise version is the stable and supported one (2.6.0), but you need a subscription if you want to deploy it in production.

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