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    While searching for all account under a given base, using ldapsearch, it appears that 8 out of 119 people have their DN displayed as something that I identify as a hash, does anyone have any idea why ?

    I’ve checked standard account and “hashed” displayed account and could not determine anything that might cause this.

    Here is the command I use for the search :

    /opt/opendj/bin/ldapsearch --countEntries -D "cn=Directory Manager" -w '******' -p *** -h localhost -b "ou=clients,dc=test,dc=com" -s sub objectclass=inetOrgPerson entryDN createTimestamp pwdChangedTime

    And here is one example of a classic display and the next one is “hashed” :

    dn: cn=Foo Bar foobar,ou=clients,dc=test,dc=com
    createTimestamp: 20161010123537Z
    pwdChangedTime: 20161011135129.473Z
    dn:: Y249QXVyw6lsaWUgUEFJTExPVVNTRSxvdT1Qcm9kLG91PUNHSSxvdT1jbGllbnRzLGRjPWVsb3F
    createTimestamp: 20161010123557Z
    pwdChangedTime: 20161010152723.501Z

    I tried to retrieve the “entryDN” attribute but this gives me the exact same behaviour….

    Any hints are welcome :)

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     Bill Nelson

    That is not a hash, but is base64 encoded data. Note the two “::” in the attribute value pair.

    Data is base64 encoded when it has spaces or special characters in it. This is done by OpenDJ (or most LDAP servers) by default.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by Bill Nelson.

    Pffff, so quick and clear bill, what would I do without you ;)
    I start feeling ashamed now.

    Thank you very much bill!


    Actually, this is mandated by the LDIF format (RFC 2849)… The DN above contains “cn=Aurélie…”, and the é is non an ASCII character (UTF-8).

     Bill Nelson

    Pffff, and now you know who I lean on, @pier. This guy!




    @bill-nelsonidentityfusion-com You’re too nice :)


    Thank to both of you for your valuable informations !

     Bill Nelson

    You are very welcome, @pier.

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