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    Are there any implications in terms of performance of having DS 5 backend in Azure Storage?

    Thank you,



    Directory Services performances are related to many parameters including the I/O capabilities of the storage system, which, as far as I know, can vary a lot with Azure depending on the options you are paying for.


    Hi Ludo, thank you for your answer.

    Are you aware of a DS deployment on Azure?

    Have you faced any issues with shared locks in Azure Storage or inside an orchestrator like Kubernetes or Mesos?




    I’m aware of some customers that are running DS on Azure, mostly for testing or pre-production for now.
    I haven’t heard of issues with shared locks. Note that DS is not supported with NAS (NFS or other networked FS).
    We haven’t seen any locks issues inside Kubernetes either, but our own testing with this has been limited (mostly on our development machines).


    Hi Ludo,
    You mentioned DS is not supported with NAS (NFS or other networked FS). Is it something that ForgeRock doesn’t recommend or will it just not work? I ask because Azure do offer a high performance “Azure File Share” SMB v3 and also some of their “attached drive” offerings may well use network protocols under the hood.


    We do not recommend and do not test with NAS or Network FS, because of known possible issues around locks and write that may result in database corruption.

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