Directory service error writing hostid

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    While upgrading the compact server we got the below LDAP error
    [LDAP: error code 65 – Entry launchServiceHost=masterservice,ou=launch,ou=cif,ou=nms,ou=ericsson,ou=com,o=lmera violates the Directory Server schema configuration because it contains an unknown objectclass launch]
    Could you let me know is this issue with Opendja and any suggestion to find out the root cause?


     Bill Nelson 

    Verify that your extended schema contains the objectclass called “launch”.

    I have worked with your team in the past and I believe that you are storing some of your extended attributes in a file other than 99-user.ldif. It may be a simple matter of dropping in that extended file into the config/schema folder.

    Either way, OpenDJ is not finding the objectclass called “launch” and that is why you are seeing this error.


    Hi, it would help if you could mention the upgrade from which version to which version.
    Also, note that this is the open source community forum. If you are a customer, you should post your support request to



    Can you please let know is there any way to find out attributes extend file.
    1.Could you please explain how to analyse this issue in order to find out root cause of this error.
    2.Let us know the prevention and is there any workaround for this error code

     Bill Nelson 

    @raneeth, if Ericsson is a current customer, then as @ludo says, this question is better asked in your support forums (aka Backstage) versus here.

    As I stated previously, however, this is more than likely a schema issue and is quite likely due to custom schema not being brought forward when you upgraded.

    Rather than try to avoid the error, you should try to understand basic schema concepts and learn more about how OpenDJ configures schema. I know that Ericsson has documentation describing its extended schema and how it was implemented in the enterprise. You should refer to those docs and speak to the design team that put them together. I will be more than happy to make those introductions if you like.

    For basic schema concepts in OpenDJ, I recommend that you take the FR-462 training class offered by ForgeRock. That should give you what you need.

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