Difference between Reconciliation and Synchronization

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    Hi there, I’m learning IDM currently and was a little confused by Reconciliation and Synchronization. What are the differences between the two? Thanks.

     Bill Nelson

    There are four basic types of synchronization of which reconciliation is one type.

    Implicit Sync – changes made to managed objects are sent to external resources based on configured mappings
    Reconciliation – a **full** comparison is made between a mapping source and a mapping target and differences are processed.
    LiveSync – change events are discovered on an external source and processed by OpenIDM (requires a method of detecting the changes – i.e. change log or timestamp)
    Password Sync – a plugin in opendj or ad discovers a password change and sends it back to OpenIDM for processing and further propagation

    There is an entire chapter on this in the OpenIDM Integrator’s Guide.

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     Mike Jang

    Hi Ray,

    Here’s a link to the chapter that Bill noted, “Synchronizing Data Between Resources”.



    This is helpful. Thanks for the quick replies guys!

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