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    Have downloaded OpenIDM 5.0.0 evaluation but try as I might I cannot get the devops-gettingstarted sample to work. I have everything installed and the docker images built but the openidm startup fails with the following error (when running within the container)…

    Using OPENIDM_HOME:   /opt/idmuser/openidm
    Using PROJECT_HOME:   /opt/idmuser/openidm
    Using OPENIDM_OPTS:    -Dopenidm.keystore.password=changeit -Dopenidm.truststore.password=changeit -Dopenidm.repo.port=5432 -Dopenidm.repo.user=openidm -Dopenidm.repo.password=openidm
    Using LOGGING_CONFIG: -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/opt/idmuser/openidm/conf/
    Using NODE_ID : 6e149c7e-9485-11e7-b647-0242ac110005
    Using boot properties at /opt/idmuser/openidm/conf/boot/
    -> Sep 08, 2017 11:04:19 AM build
    SEVERE: Error loading keystore Invalid keystore format
     Warren Strange

    That looks like the IDM project is not getting mounted on the pod.

    It should be booting from the /opt/openidm/custom/ path

    Can you exec into the running pod, and see what is getting mounted?

    Are you trying to use a hostPath config source, or a git repo?

    hostPath does have issues. We are not using this approach on the 5.5 assets because it has proven hard to setup.

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