DEVOPS architecture do not support OpenAM Web Policy Agent

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    I’m just reading the devops guide for the Forgerock platform.
    One limitiation is worring me: The DevOps Examples do not support OpenAM Web Policy Agent.

    This means that if i configure an http server as a reverse proxy front-end, cannot this run into a docker container with a web policy agent ?

    Is this valid also for other components like J2ee policy agent ?

     Warren Strange

    Hi Cristian

    By”not supported” the guide means that we do not yet provide sample artifacts. Policy agents are known to work fine in a container.

    When the next generation of agents land (Agents 5) our intent is to provide examples.

    Hope this clarifies things!

     David Goldsmith

    Christian, I clarified the language in the DevOps Guide – see for the rewording.

    Hope that makes more sense.


    David Goldsmith


    Yes, thanks a lot.

    What i’m trying to do is to build an environment using OPENAM, OPENDJ and HTTPD with docker containers and managing the service scaling and clustering with swarm.

    What do you think, this can be good for a production architecture or using container for OPENAM is something related to “experiment” yet ?


    DevOps helps to increase the overall standard and to pose a check on the number of interruptions. Attaining maximum efficiency and achieving higher performance is the goal in any business operation and DevOps helps in reaching it.


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    Ya Cristian, DevOps help to the increase to an overall standard.I clarified the language in the DevOps.


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