Develop an API connecting to a Federated Identity without ForgeRock installation

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    I would like to develop an SAML2 application that will connect to ForgeRock federation identities, however I am a PHP developer, not a system admin or Java developer.

    I have already lost a full week trying to get a sandbox working with an AM or OpenAM so I could start coding my PHP platform that would connect on mock services. The obsolete documentation, the fact that so many details on a server can make tutorials fail, the complicated installation process and the endless pages of documentation are making this nearly impossible for me.

    I have searched so much on Google for the multitudes of problems I had and spent so much time analyzing error logs that I’m not sure anymore if I’ll ever have time to start coding what I actually need to do.

    So my question is: There has to be an easier way to do this? To anyone who wrote code that would connect to ForgeRock services, how did you do it? Is there a way to achieve this without having to learn/install/configure a full ForgeRock Environment that I will just end up deleting once everything works and I can just connect to production servers’ federated identities?

    It feel like right now I just want to build a cup holder for a car, but I have to build a whole car, just to try the cup holder.. A car I don’t need.

    Thanks to all


    Hi Voxtel,
    Sorry you are having such difficulties. These Videos might be of help?



    Oops, sorry, missed that answer! Email notifications are not being sent for some reason.

    I managed to make it work, but your videos did help a bit to understand more thoroughly, thanks!


    Hi david, thans for the reply on Develop an API connecting to a Federated Identity without ForgeRock installation jira

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