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    Hello. Is there a way we can deploy OpenIDM in Tomcat as webapps? We need to deploy it in a remote (ubuntu) server and access it from remote systems, which I guess is not working in jetty deployment.

    To give a background, this is what we are going to do. We want to use OpenAM, OpenIDM and Active Directory for handling the authentication, authorization and user management for our ecosystem of web and mobile applications and REST Apis. REST Apis we want expose through OpenIG.

     Mike Jang


    OpenIDM already includes an embedded instance of Jetty for webapp purposes. If you’re deploying on the same system, you’ll have to take care w/r/t port numbers.



    Thanks Mike for quick reply.

    We have the OpenIDM (with embedded jetty) running on an Ubuntu Server (cloud VM). We can access the OpenIDM from the same VM using http://localhost:8080. But when I try to access it over internet using the public IP of the system, it doesn’t work.

    My network and firewall setup are proper as I can access other applications deployed in tomcat in the same machine (including OpenAM). I have tested with 8080 port in tomcat as well.

    I am assuming this is an issue with the embedded Jetty. Hence if I can deploy this on the tomcat, we should be able to handle it better.

    Please let me know your views/solutions.

     Mike Jang


    If you have deployed Tomcat on the same system as OpenIDM with embedded Jetty, it’s likely that you have a conflict, as both containers use the same ports (8080, 8443).

    For OpenIDM, you can change these ports in the conf/boot/boot.properties file for your project. As shown here, I’ve changed the port numbers:


    And I can access my instance of OpenIDM via http://remote_ip:9080 and https://remote_ip:9443

    I see that our documentation is not clear on this feature, so I’m filing a JIRA (bug report).


     Mike Jang

    I’ve created OPENIDM-5879 to track this issue.

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