Delete bar file still shows on OpenIDM UI

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    Hi All,
    I have created a work flow for AD sync to import users from AD to DJ via IDM. It works fine. Now for some reason I want to delete the workflow from OpenIDM. I have deleted from openidm/workflow folder and restated openidm but in UI it still shows this workflow.

    Any idea how to resolve this.


     Andrew Potter

    You also need to delete the process definition using the IDM REST APIs

    See: Managing Workflows Over the REST Interface

    Specifically, the openidm/workflow/processdefinition/{id} section. That includes the DELETE command.


    Hi @andrew-potter,

    Thanks for the quick response. Workflow is deleted through the REST API.


    ohh thanks.

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by GodInyou.
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