Debug the OpenAM source code with Eclipse

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    Hello everyone, I just wonder if OpenAM source code can be debugged with Eclipse or not?

    I get the source code from OpenAM Public after that I try to import it into Eclipse but unfortunately there are a hundred of warning and error messages.

    Therefore, I cannot run the source code with Tomcat server inside Eclipse. Moreover, how can I debug the source code? It is because I digged into the source code and saw that it will merged a lot of war files into a final war which can be run on Tomcat server.

    Please let me know if you have any idea?

    Thank you,

    Best Regards.

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    I met the problems too,and I struggled in it a couple of days . Did you solve the problems ,if you did ,please let me know,thanks a lot

     Peter Major

    @jamiebowen tried to use Eclipse for a while if memory serves. Not sure if he ever got it working, or whether he just migrated to IntelliJ in the end though.

     Jamie Bowen

    Yes, I quite enjoyed using eclipse with OpenAM. Debugging is possible, but I don’t remember how I set it up! It was quite sometime ago. I think I set up a remote debugging session.

    You might find some help on using Eclipse in the readme here;

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