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    I need to change my datasource opendj to mysql in openam, so, i follow this document

    I have Configured, after that

    goto, “Subject”->”User” tab, press “New” button and configured user details, than, click create a user, it throw error.


    I have check tomcat, apache logs, no errors are coming, suggest me why this issue occur. where go to check this errors and how to fix this.


    Maybe a Forgerock engineer will prove me wrong, but I think that user creation from OpenAM admin console is based on default user schema embedded with OpenAM.

    If you are using a different datastore with a different schema from the default one, you should create users using another way (manually, using a script, or using an IDM solution).



    Hell [email protected],

    Thanks for your reply man, I have fixed this issue, i had miss configuration in openam data source.

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