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    In the Access Management documentation for 5.5 a single example is shown for adding applications to the dashboard:

    Add a Dashboard Class Name that identifies how the end user will access the app, such as SAML2ApplicationClass for a SAML v2.0 application. (https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/am/5.5/maintenance-guide/#dashboard-setup)

    How can I create a new dashboard application for Oauth or OpenID applications?

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     Scott Heger

    It appears that the Dashboard Class Name doesn’t actually do anything. You can put “Foobar” in as the class name and fill out the rest of the fields as you would like. The behavior I see is that no matter what you put in for the class name all the dashboard service does is create an icon and a text link to the URL you define in the “Dashboard Login” field.

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