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    I am currently developing a custom connector that will provision users to a target system by calling its REST API.

    Before being able to call the target system’s REST API, I need to authenticate with a certificate. That will give me an access token that I will use to call the user creation API.

    Now, I’m looking at the doc regarding the Authenticate Script ( It says that this script must return the user’s UID.

    That does not apply to my situation. I will be authenticating with a certificate only. Since there’s no user ID involved, I have nothing to return in my Authenticate Script.

    Does that mean that I can’t use the Authenticate Script? Will I have to handle authentication and access token retrieval in all operations’ scripts (create, update, etc.)?



    Does your custom connector leverages the scripted REST connector?

    your authentication is based at the TLS layer with the certificate?


    Hello Gael,

    I actually had this question because I had misunderstood the goal of the Authenticate script. I thought that it was used as part of every CRUD operation made by the connector in order to authenticate to the target system. I had not realized that this authentication logic actually has to be implemented in the CustomizerScript.

    I’ve realized that I don’t really need the Authenticate script for my connector to work, so my question is not really relevant.


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